Happy. Healthy. One Lake.

One Lake is more than a place to live. It’s a community built with your wellness and happiness in mind. And the first step to this healthy-minded way of life is to take things outside to enjoy all of the inviting nature. With so much to do and see, we’ve got tips on how to enjoy it fully.

From the moment you arrive at One Lake, stop at the Glass House, which impresses with floor-to-ceiling windows and modern architecture that erases the divide between outdoor and in. It’s the heart of the community, home to Journey Coffee Co., serving ethically sourced, fair-trade coffee and healthy food options. Grab a table on the patio to study, work or connect with friends.

womandoing yoga in front of the glass house

At the Glass House is where you can make an appointment to meet Randal, the community ambassador, to learn about what comes with the lifestyle at One Lake, like the sprawling green and one-mile lakeside path that hold endless possibilities for healthy and active fun.

Come experience the 21-acre Lake-Park District made for water activities and open-air excursions. Whether it’s walking along the lake with man’s best friend to get your steps in for the day, joining a community fitness group or taking your paddleboard or kayak out on the glassy lake for a morning pick-me-up—the opportunities to engage are infinite.

girl with dog in flower field

There’s a common thread of activity and nature woven into everything you do, see and experience at One Lake. It’s a center of all that is refreshing—a reimagined take on community that offers endless possibilities to get moving and be adventurous. So get outside, stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh air. Take in the beauty of the rolling hills, do yoga on the lawn or just relax and enjoy family time with waterfront views.

At One Lake, you can feel the fresh energy that leads to happy and healthy living. Give the Glass House a call today at (707) 246-5687 to learn more and to make an appointment.  Plus, you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to stay in touch.