Former South Bay Residents Find Home at One Lake

“I thought the South Bay was too crazy for us. We wanted some peace and affordability…more space, more friendliness.”

Soon-to-be empty nesters Jisu and Chris were looking to turn things down a notch from the cramped, chaotic scene in the South Bay. With their son starting college in the fall, relocating from the big city sounded more appealing by the day. An online ad for One Lake soon caught their attention—and the couple quickly settled on the Fairfield community as their new home destination.

Though Chris and Jisu purchased their home at Shimmer just over a year ago, they waited for their son to graduate high school before officially completing the move. During their stays away from One Lake, compassionate neighbors voluntarily dropped by to check in on their house—which helped the couple feel comfortable despite living off-site.

“Our block is the most diverse place I’ve ever lived.”

Trustworthy neighbors from different backgrounds came as a pleasant surprise for the couple, who was accustomed to a much less social and diverse notion of neighborhood connectivity. As a private school educator in San Francisco, Chris notes that this “neighborhood feel” offers young kids a refreshing change from a typical Bay Area childhood. You heard it from our homeowners first—One Lake is truly an everyone-friendly community.

“The way the home was set up and equipped was pretty complete, but there were a few things we could do to personalize it, so it was a nice mix.”

Personalization was one of Chris and Jisu’s favorite aspects of their Tri Pointe Homes build. While they love their light-filled living room and look forward to whipping up meals in their spacious kitchen, the couple was most excited to install unique green cabinetry and additional bookshelves within their new home. They felt Tri Pointe Homes supported their vision of home at every step of their purchase process—from the responsive sales team and seamless mortgage experience to navigating final home property touchups.

“Coming home to this place feels like such a sanctuary, kind of an oasis.”

Adjusting to life at One Lake allowed Chris and Jisu to embrace a much-needed change of pace—which meant spending less time searching for parking and more time exploring all that surrounds One Lake. From moonlit walks around the community lake and local outings to markets and eateries to day trips to Napa and San Rafael, accessibility just might be the most impactful lifestyle change for our new homeowners.

And with so many planned amenities and community events in the works, there will certainly be a lot more for Chris and Jisu to celebrate in their near future at One Lake.