San Francisco Life to Lakeside Living

After four years of apartment hopping around San Francisco, Suhana and Ashish felt it was time to seek a more attainably priced option for their next place.

“I saw One Lake online…and I really liked the initiative. It was more about building a community.”

Unlike the packed living conditions of the big city, One Lake offered an alternative take on home, one that centered on a more flexible day-to-day—and with much less traffic cutting into the couple’s time together.

“We have gotten more into a healthy lifestyle, which is a huge change for us.”

For Suhana and Ashish, the post-move life has been looking quite a bit more active and involved than ever before. They’ve ditched DoorDashing for dinners at home, where having quality moments in their spacious kitchen has become a breeze thanks to The Grove and local markets offering fresh produce nearby.

“We walk a lot around the lake—two to three times a day because it’s really fresh and nice.”

Carefree strolls around the block have become routine for Suhana and her husband. And when it’s time to head inside, several sizable windows within their home make for inviting, light-filled spaces—an exciting change from their previous residence.

Both Suhana and Ashish work from home during the week—which means the expansive interior of their home becomes extra valuable when they’re both on the clock. Thanks to the layout of their home offices on separate floors, the couple enjoys plenty of privacy during their work hours. And on the days when Ashish commutes to the city, an Amtrak station just outside the community allows him to work while on the train—and catch some incredible views along the way.

“I love that we’re closer to Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. We go out to Napa a lot.”

No longer bogged down by dense city traffic, the couple has taken advantage of greater accessibility to nearby outdoor destinations they love to frequent. Hiking, camping and wine-tasting opportunities are no more than a day trip away, allowing Suhana and Ashish to make the most of every weekend.

The couple remarks that their move to One Lake has “drastically” changed their lifestyle for the better. Whether working from home, walking around the lake or making their way to hot spots close by, Suhana and Ashish couldn’t be happier with where they ended up.